Friday, November 30, 2007

DevTeach & SqlTeach conference held in Vancouver from 26nov07 to 30nov07

The highlight for me was the open ended bar night named "Party with Palermo" held on Monday night (26nov07) at the Steamworks brewery. It was a blast and happiness was being propelled by the alcohol level flowing through our veins. Unfortunately, I left early around 9:45 PM because I had to teach at BCIT very early the next morning. I know of a few who were there until midnight. Thanks Jeffrey Palermo.
The other highlight was the Mad Mexican's second appearance at DevTeach. He barged into Beth Massi's presentation to emphasize how great she is. Check out this blog entry.
I spoke on Wednesday 28nov07 on the topic of "SharePoint 2007 Advanced Development". Attendance was about 40 people. All went well except for the last part involving installation of the SharePoint workflow. After the simple workflow was deployed and activated it did not work. I did not bother trouble-shooting the problem because I was already about 15 minutes overtime. However, I later discovered that I had failed to set one of the dreaded GUIDs in the Manifest.XML. Oh well, as the saying goes "Shit Happens".
All in all it was a lot of fun and I am very happy for Jean-Rene that his first-time conference in Vancouver was indeed a success.

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