Saturday, September 29, 2007

ASP.NET 2.0 part-time courses at BCIT

I started teaching COMP-2870 (Basic ASP.NET with C#) in January 2003 at BCIT. I have averaged about four sections a year. In most cases the classes were full because it turned out to be quite a popular course. I estimate over 400 students have so far taken COMP-2870.

I started the advanced version of this course (COMP-3870) in April 2005. Although not as popular as the basic course, it has been quite successful. Unfortunately I stopped teaching the advanced course in June 2006.

Many students who did the basic course have asked me to give the advanced course. Therefore, I have decided to not do the basic course in January 2008 in favour of doing the advanced course instead. All you interested students out there sign up for COMP-3870 at BCIT during the Winter 2008 term. We will learn these topics:
web parts
setup & deployment
programming SQL Server 2005
testing & debugging
programming for mobile applications
legacy & unmanaged code
database transaction processing
stored procedures

Friday, September 28, 2007

Presentation to VanQ user group in Vancouver

Brian Pidcock, who is one of the VanQ leaders, asked me to be their September 2007 speaker on SharePoint 2007. My presentation to VanQ was on September 27, 2007 at 6:45 PM. Since my audience were not necessarily developers, I decided to give a non-technical presentation.

For more details about this VanQ event, click here.

The event was very well attended. I saw a lot of friends, former students, and members of .netBC in the crowd. On the whole, I enjoyed presenting on the basics of SharePoint and would consider coming up with another more advanced talk with a possible title of "Sharepoint 201". I was told later that the attendance at this event was the largest that VanQ has seen. This was very encouraging news.

Click here to download my presentation.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Blog Launch

I launched this blog on Monday September 24, 2007. This is my second crack at the can. I started a blog about two years ago but it died a natural death because I did not spend enough time updating it. I am determined to make this one last much longer.

Presentation to the .netBC user group in Vancouver

I was very happy with the attendance at the .netBC event held on September 12, 2007. There were more than 70 people, which normally happens when there is a well known speaker. That kind of attendance for me was rather unexpected.

I established this user group on March 3, 2003. I made the first presentation on "XML Processing in .NET". This is the first time I presented again to my group since its inception. We started with 100 members and we have now grown to almost 1400.

The title of the presentation was: SharePoint 2007 Advanced Development. Click here to download the presentation.

I plan to give the same presentation to DevTeach Vancouver 2007 on Wednesday November 28, 2007.