Saturday, September 29, 2007

ASP.NET 2.0 part-time courses at BCIT

I started teaching COMP-2870 (Basic ASP.NET with C#) in January 2003 at BCIT. I have averaged about four sections a year. In most cases the classes were full because it turned out to be quite a popular course. I estimate over 400 students have so far taken COMP-2870.

I started the advanced version of this course (COMP-3870) in April 2005. Although not as popular as the basic course, it has been quite successful. Unfortunately I stopped teaching the advanced course in June 2006.

Many students who did the basic course have asked me to give the advanced course. Therefore, I have decided to not do the basic course in January 2008 in favour of doing the advanced course instead. All you interested students out there sign up for COMP-3870 at BCIT during the Winter 2008 term. We will learn these topics:
web parts
setup & deployment
programming SQL Server 2005
testing & debugging
programming for mobile applications
legacy & unmanaged code
database transaction processing
stored procedures

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