Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to exclude content in a SharePoint 2007 site from being indexed by the search engine?

There are circumstances whereby content in a specific site needs to be excluded from the SharePoint 2007 search engine indexing process. This can be done at a list level and/or a site level.


 List level:
  • Settings / List Settings
  • Click on "Advanced Settings"
  • At the very botton under "Search" set "Allow items from this list to appear in search results?" to "No"
  • Click "OK" button
Site level:
  • Site Actions / Site Settings
  • under "Site Administration" click on "Search visibility"
  • set "Allow this web to appear in search results?" to "No"
  • Also choose "Never index any ASPX pages on this site" radio button
  • Click "OK" button
Remember to reindex search results in central administration so that these new rules immediately take effect. One way to do this is as follows:
  • On the SharePoint server, get into the "Central Administration" web application
  • Click on the "Shared Services Administration" link on the left-hand-side
  • Select "Open Shared Services Admin Site" from the dropdownlist of the default SSP site
  • Click on "Search settings" link under "Search"
  • Click on the link beside "Content sources:"
  • Select "Start Full Crawl" from the dropdownlist of the content source

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