Thursday, February 23, 2012

How do you install a SharePoint 2010 Feature that appears to be missing.

Similar to a previous post, I got the following error while creating the "WIKI Publishing" site collection is SharePoint 2010:

Dependency feature with id 14aafd3a-fcb9-4bb7-9ad7-d8e36b663bbd for feature 'BaseSite' (id: b21b090c-c796-4b0f-ac0f-7ef1659c20ae) is not installed

I determined that 14aafd3a-fcb9-4bb7-9ad7-d8e36b663bbd refers to a feature named "LocalSiteDirectoryControl" from this site:

I then executed the following command to activate the feature.

INSTALL-SPFEATURE -Path "LocalSiteDirectoryControl"

Thereafter, it was smooth sailing.

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